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Competent Mediation
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Roger LevittMediation Services – Elite Mediator

Roger Levitt is an experienced and innovative Mediator and is Accredited in Business Mediation for Commercial and Residential Property, Construction, Business and Commerce, Retail, Restaurant, Healthcare, Franchising, and financial related disputes.

He has 33 years experience as a commercial property solicitor in private practice.

Rated in the Clerksroom UK Top Ten

He is rated in the top ten in the national league table of Elite Mediators on the Clerksroom website. This is based on independent feedback.


Litigation versus Mediation Services

When parties disagree, and it becomes a dispute, the next step is often litigation. The role of a litigator is to marshal the dispute and take the steps necessary to preserve their client’s legal rights.

Court proceedings can be lengthy costly and emotionally draining for all parties involved. Both sides cannot walk out of the courtroom pleased with the outcome: as someone wins, and someone loses.

Win Win

Both sides can gain by using a qualified, independent mediator to guide the settlement process forward. Mediation allows all parties to craft their own solution, which can be more innovative and flexible than court decisions.

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